Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Phishing on Craigslist.com

You may be confused with the concept of phishing. It is an attempt to steal information such as passwords, user names, and financial information by masquerading as a trustworthy party. You may meet phishing frequently on craigslist.com.
    First you should think have you been punished? If you see strange activity or unfamiliar posts on your account page you need to pay attention to these posts. You probably be phishing.
    How to avoid phishing attempts and protect your account information?
     1. Never click on email links that ask you for any personal or account information.
     2. Make sure to log in to your account only by navigating manually to craigslist.org.
     3. If you are unsure about the status of your account or your posts, the safest way to check is to go directly to craigslist.org and log in.
     4. If you do not see any problems within your account you can safely ignore any messages to the contrary.
     5. Never provides a phone authentication code to anyone else.
     6. Craigslist.com will only ask for you to enter it on the site as part of the posting process.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Recruit in Craigslist.com

Recently craigslist.com is hiring some elites. It is seeking qualified candidates to join them in San Francisco. Job vacancies include Javascript Developers, Web Developers, Perl Wizards, Systems Administrators, Systems Administrators and Tech Interns. As we know Craigslist.com is is a famous online classified store all over the world, when this news had launched there must be many people apply for these position. However, it is not so easy to succeed for each of the position has its requirements. Also the requirements are not easy to meet. So only those who are highly qualified can join in the Craigslist.com. Of course, if you get the opportunity to join them, the treatment will not let you down.

The Miss Teen Dream USA Pageant 2013

Craigslist.com announces the launch of its very first Annual "Miss Teen Dream USA Pageant 2013" "True Beauty Starts from Within" the aims is to find distinguishingly naturally beautiful young girls who possess the special and unique quality to take part in the inaugural "Miss Teen Dream USA Pageant 2013 2013" on Saturday, December 7th 2013 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.

    All parent/guardian of the candidates will be contacted and verified in advance and will be required to attend all workshops, rehearsals and event.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Most Popular Classified Website

Craigslist.com is US's most popular classified website with all kinds of life information founded in California, America. The website is full of characters without any pictures.
    Craigslist.com is a big company. It provides services to its customers all around the world. Whether you live in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia/Pacific/Middle East, Oceania, Latin America or Africa you can realize your demand. What's more you can search for help in most regions of these countries. So it is a huge trade market, the services distribute all around the world.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Analysis of www.craigslist.com search volume in cities and regions across the world

National and regional distribution of www.craigslist.com global search volume:the United States enjoys the highest search volume,the next are Canada,Afghanistan and Haiti.There are most people using craigslist in the United Kingdom,this is no doubt,because Craigslist is the most popular web sites for classification. No pictures on the site, only words, with all kinds of life information, is a huge online classified ads and BBS site. Although Craigslist looks rather dull, but it is one of America's favorite websites.Somebody sell his or her used car here, someone rent a house here, and someone in here find a job, and find a girlfriend here.

Canada enjoys the second largest search volume,but the search volume are not very high,because the craigslist.com is regional, the United States has the most users.But Ireland and the UK are neighbors, the geographical position are adjacent and customs are similar.

As for Afghanistan,Haiti in the Middle East created quite a number of wealth, the wealth's consumption in Europe has become a reality(rich people like to go to Europe in the Middle East)Rightmove is an indicator of UK real estate home buyers, thus,the rich are like to shopping in the UK and Qatar.

The top ten regions of rightmove's search volume,are all the regions which have a more developed economy and a dense population.

The ranking in cities are respectively Norwich, Manchester,London,Poplar,Sheffield,Bristol,Birmingham,all the cities have a more developed economy and a dense population.

Monday, June 10, 2013

www.Craigslist.com A Large Free Online Classified Ads Website

www.Craigslist.com  is a large free online classified ads site, but in some cities) advertising needs pay, this is the network company's main income. The service in founded by Craig Newmark on the San Francisco bay area in 1995. It offers information of  US, Canada, Europe, Asia/Pacific/ Middle East, Oceania, Latin America Africa.


Auburn: community, housing, personals, discussion forums, for sale, services, jobs, gigs

Illinois: Bloomington-normal, champaign urbana, Chicago, Decatur, Ia sale co, Mattoon-charleston, Peoria, Rockford, southern Illinois, Springfield, western

Montana, Nebraska, Arizona, Arkansas, Towa, California, Kansas and so on.

the analysis of www.craigslist.com search volume

We can see from the chart,craigslist's search volume has big difference in England,the United States,France,Germany and Australia. The U.S. has the highest search volume,it had been growing slowly since 2004,when got to March 2006,it began to accelerate the growth,although there were small fluctuations,but in growth as a whole,and reached its peak in March 2009,increased by more than 95% compared to 2004,England of the U.S. has  the highest search volume,craigslist was most popular than other cities across the country.Compared to the United States,England and Australia had few volumes,only 1%,2%,and France and Germany were almost zero,and these four countries had no growth.